The Portable Pet Water Bottle


Trendy: This travel drinking water bottles are good-looking and trendy. Your pet (cat or dog) can comfortably take their favorite drink from this bottle especially when on transit.

High-quality material: Manufactured using high-quality ABS plastic which makes it sturdy, durable, not easily scratched and long-lasting.

Colors: The cat water bottle is available in three exquisite colors, that is, white, pink and blue.

Measurements: Comes in two sizes, small and large. Small water bottles have a capacity of 350ml while the capacity of the large one is 550 ml. The small water bottles weigh about 140g while the large ones weigh 180g each. The small and large bottle measures 20.8cm x 7.5cm and 26.5cm x 8cm respectively.

Portability: The water bottle is light and portable hence suitable for travel.

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