Double-layered Cat Litter Mat

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  • Double layered: features two distinct layers held together by Velcro strips. This design helps gather cat litter easily.
  • Easy to clean: Features a simple design that simplifies the cleaning process of dirt and liquid.
  • Sturdy: The cat litter mat is designed using non-slip materials to keep the litter box steadily in place. It also prevents your cat from sliding when stepping out of the litter box.
  • Durable: Made of sturdy material that can withstand any pressure applied by your cat, either by clawing or chewing.
  • Waterproof: This litter mat is waterproof, and it prevents any liquid such as urine from spilling to the floor or carpet.
  • Traps dirt particles: This double-layered litter mat traps the dirt particles attached to the cat’s paws when stepping out of the litter box. This helps keep the house tidy, and free from dirt parties trapped on the cat’s paws.
  • Size: Available in three sizes: 40*50 cm, 46*60 cm foldable and 55*70 cm foldable.
  • Color: Black and gray.
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